Saturday, May 15, 2010

Vacation Highlights

Things I will always remember about this vacation in no particular order because once again I am too sleep deprived to think that sequentially:

1) Laughing our heads off at "Nate the Great" audio cds

2) An extended time of praying with my hubby

3) Hearing Tali & Owen talk and laugh together while they shared a bedroom at night

4) Seeing Owen's chubby face with goggles on

5) Watching Tali enjoy hours in the pool

6) Great quiet times that were actually QUIET since Josh took the big kids out

7) Watching some rockin' Food Network stuff with my awesome husband

8) Playing "doctor" and "store" with the kids over and over and over again

9) Two nights where Addie actually slept well...hope they happen again someday

10) Loving being together

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5 Responses to “Vacation Highlights”

  1. love these, Katie! I am cracking up over Owey in goggles. Cuyest over! And look at that chub on Addie's thighs!!! :) And I love the one of Tali in the water. She is beautiful!

  2. oops. that was supposed to say "cutest" not "cuyest." multitasking. :)

  3. aaaah! it was supposed to say "cutest EVER." :0 I'd better not post comments anymore while pumping!!!

  4. Great pictures - great memories!

  5. Love you and love your family!