Thursday, July 8, 2010

Beta Blockers and the Screaming Lady

If you were waking up 4+ times a night for about 7 months, how do you think you'd feel?  Not bursting with energy and wanting to run a marathon, right?  Well, I've been feeling awful for months but assumed that it was due to my sleep deprivation. I've been exhausted, weak, hot all the time, starving an hour after I eat, easily overwhelmed, and shaky.  I have never felt so awful before in all of my life.  Each day I was waking up just feeling like I had absolutely no energy and no way to get through the day.  The thought of changing a diaper or doing the dishes just seemed like it required way too much physical stamina.  I spent a lot of time begging God for grace to care for my kids, and counting the hours till nap time.  Not long ago, my heart began racing or skipping beats.  Even in my tired delirium, I knew that heart issues usually aren't from sleeplessness.  I started getting a bit nervous and made a doctor's appointment.

In the meantime, I googled and self-diagnosed that I probably had hyperthyroidism.  I was actually so relieved that I might have something treatable.  Unfortunately, the day of my appointment (yesterday), my heart kept getting worse.  After the appointment, Josh and I went to the emergency room.  My heart rate was in the 140's and blood tests confirmed that i have hyperthyroidism.  Because my heart rate wasn't coming down much, they admitted me.

Now, I'm on beta blockers and a thyroid suppresser to get my thyroid under control.  I am not feeling wonderful, but I feel better than I have in months.  I cannot tell you how grateful to God I am that this has been found!  I am so grateful that He protected me from getting worse and so grateful that He has provided medication to help me.  I am also SOOOO grateful that He has made a way for me to continue nursing Addie amidst it all. I'm so grateful for a husband that has cared for me and helped me during the months that I've been unable to do much. I'm so grateful that he came with me to the dr, hospital, and stayed with me all night. I'm so grateful that God has given me parents that live close by and were able to help. I'm so grateful that I'm home and don't have to listen to the lady in the room next to me screaming at the nurses all night.

As they wheeled me to my hospital room, we passed the Cancer Ward.  I was reminded that hyperthyroidism is something to be grateful for. I am going to get better. It's not fatal. We are thanking God for that!

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4 Responses to “Beta Blockers and the Screaming Lady”

  1. such relief! thanks for the update!

  2. O Katie, You have such a good outlook on things. I am praying for you! LOVE YOU!