Saturday, November 13, 2010

Almost a Year of Addie Beth

My sweet and beautiful baby is going to turn one next weekend.  I am stunned that an entire year has passed since we first saw Addie's face.  She has been such a joy amidst months of the dark shadow of illness that I've walked through.  This girl feels like a part of me we're together so much! Simply put, I love her.  So that I don't forget...

Favorite Foods: Chex, chicken, ice pops (she thinks she needs these because the big kids have them)
Clothing Size: 12 months on most things but still wears some 9 months.
Hair: Pretty straight.  Red highlights but mostly brownish/blond.
Eye Color: Blue!
Favorite Books: Where is Baby's Belly Button, Baby Faces, and Moo Baa La La La.
Naps: 2 a day: one is 1.5 hrs, the other is usually 2 hours.
Favorite Activities: playing with baby dolls (patting their backs, snuggling them, etc), laughing at the big kids, being held by Mommy, emptying things, scooting around (just learned to do this!)
Things that make her laugh: Tali & Owen, peek-a-boo, tickles on her ribs
Signs: Daddy, Mommy, eat, milk, baby, more, hi/bye, night night.
Noises/Words: "ruhh" for bears, "eeow" for cats, uh-oh, h-eye, buh-eye, Dada

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