Thursday, November 11, 2010

Warm Fall Days Rock!

Getting 3 little people to smile for a camera isn't easy. This is about as good as I could do given that it was about nap time and we were all tired. I just love these 3 little people! Each one of them blesses me so much each and every day (and each and every one makes me cry out to the Lord for grace!).

Had to include a pic of Baby Girl's first shoes. Aren't they so cute? They might just be magical shoes because after we put them on her, she suddenly went from occassionally scooting around a bit to scooting full speed all over the house! These are apparently her magical scootin' shoes. Side note: when we were buying these the saleswoman at the store brought out a big sneaker-type shoe and asked if it would work for her stage of walking. Walking? This baby has just recently learned to move around a little on her rear! Scooting/crawling is very very new for her. The girl still can't quite master sitting up from a laying down position. Walk? I think we've got a while till we need to deal with that one. :)
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5 Responses to “Warm Fall Days Rock!”

  1. Beautiful pics! I think that's a really good one of all 3 kids--lately my efforts in that department have been nothing short of comical. I look back through the pictures afterwards and shake my head and laugh. Someone's whole face is hidden behind someone else, someone is eating a leaf, someone has a finger up the know. :) Love the shot of AB's shoes! Adorable shoes and a really good picture! You are good!

  2. Great to see your babies again! Don't Owen and Tali look like twins?! :) So glad you are feeling better cousin. Love you guys!

  3. Love Tali and Owen's new hair cuts. They look older! :)

  4. Very cute shoes! (and kids).

  5. Love them! Tali's hair is adorable!