Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Afternoon Mystery

Once upon a time there was an unsuspecting mama in the basement doing laundry.  She heard one of her little ones calling impatiently and decided (rather foolishly) to ignore the grumpy imploring voice.  After emptying the contents of the dryer into her basket, she headed up the stairs to be greeted by a scary sight!
"Someone" had hauled the footstool from the bathroom all the way into the pantry, presumably, in order to reach something that "someone" had not been authorized to partake of.  The mama began to speculate.  "Could it have been the leftover chocolate from Grandma?"
Nope.  "Hmm...could she have gotten into something even more sugary?"  The mama wondered.
Wrong again.  The mama began to panic.  "She didn't!!  Oh no!!!!!"  The mama raced upstairs as fast as she could to find the "someone" exactly as the mama had feared.
The little thief was stuffing her mouth chipmunk-full of D'Noir Prunes.
Never one to eat sparingly, the sneaky little girl had stuffed prune, after prune, after poop-inducing prune into her mouth to savor.
The mama silently thanked God that a babysitter would be soon taking over all bathroom related activities in a mere two hours.

The end.  (Well, actually, this is probably only the beginning of a loong night ahead.)

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