Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Adoption Story: Grant and Natalie

Honestly, I think these pictures alone communicate loudly and clearly about the beauty that God has woven into Grant and Natalie's lives through adoption! But it's also too good of a story not to share some details, so here you go! (Photos courtesy of Lindsay Williams Photography):

Grant and Natalie were homestudy ready and had been praying for direction in their adoption journey back in November. As they prayed, they heard about CAC from other clients of mine and felt like CAC was God's answer to their prayers for guidance.

One of the aspects of adoption that we discussed right away was the area of openness. As they asked questions, I shared with them about how my own thinking had drastically changed in this area over the years. Though they had hesitations, they committed to pray about it and I prayed for them as well.

A couple weeks later during Thanksgiving weekend I sent them a potential adoption situation from an agency; a courageous woman was making an adoption plan for her son who was due in the spring. This expectant mama desired ongoing contact with whatever adoptive family she chose. Grant and Natalie prayed some more, opening their hearts to however God would lead them. They felt drawn to the situation and knew God was directing them to present. The only problem was that my entire family had the stomach flu and their profile wasn't quite ready since they had just signed on with CAC. But God had a plan that could not be stopped by the flu or anything else! I worked late at night amidst nasty germs and quickly rushed their profile just in time for them to present. A couple days later Natalie called me with the incredible news; they had been chosen to be this baby's adoptive parents!

For the next four months I watched in awe as Grant and Natalie poured out their hearts to love this expectant mama. They knew that there are no guarantees before a baby is born and papers are officially signed, but they chose to hold nothing back. At one point the expectant mama texted Natalie asking, "Are you still going to pray for me this much after the baby is born?" Natalie assured her that they were absolutely committed to praying for her and loving her for the rest of their lives; they considered her a part of their family.

And then the day finally arrived! The child that they had spent years waiting for, hoping for, and praying for was suddenly in their arms. His life is a story of love and I know that Grant and Natalie will continue telling him for the rest of his days about the God who wrote each beautiful page.

You can read more about Natalie on her blog, Raising Arrows. I am looking forward to watching God use Natalie's beautiful heart for adoption as she works with me! Natalie recently began working for Christian Adoption Consultants as an Adoption Advocate. She will be spreading the word about adoption and about the benefits of working with an adoption consultant.

Contact me at katief@christianadoptionconsultants.com for an info packet today! I would be honored to help you during your adoption journey.

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