Monday, April 13, 2015

Adoptive Parents Talk About Finances (Part 2)

Yesterday I shared some thoughts from adoptive parents, answering the question, "What would you say to someone considering adoption but is concerned about the financial aspect?" Here are some more answers they shared:

"We were in the same position and gave God our 'yes' anyway. He provided every penny. We were blown away when we added up how many pennies it really was! He is bigger than our limitations and has resources beyond our own. It is a faith journey of the most amazing and rewarding kind." ~ Sylvia

"Yes, we didn't have the money either...but it was our heart's desire and we felt like God was saying, 'trust me!' We learned so much and He provided in huge ways!" ~ Shauna

"I'd say go for it. It's just money. While we incurred a lot of debt with our most recent adoption, since, I've landed freelance work that covers 1/4 (and maybe more) of the cost. God always provides. He's faithful." ~ Chris

"We've been there and we didn't have the money either but I was and am amazed at how God made things became available. It seems like so much money and it is. However, if you think about it, (not that I'm comparing but giving perspective) the process is the approximate price of a vehicle. This is God's child for your family. There is no price on the joy that will bring to your family and to God!" ~Amber

"I totally believe that God provides. There are many practical ways that God helps us through fund raising, matching funds and the like!" ~ Jami

"Satan likes us to be discouraged. He does not want these children in homes that will proclaim the name of Jesus. He wants to discourage people from the get go. It will take work, it is not easy.... But God has given us feet to climb these mountains. Plus -- because we are adopting so many have been blessed by being given the opportunity to give through our adventure .... many want to give, they want to help and they love being able to be a part of adoption by helping a family willing to adopt." ~ Kristi 

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