Sunday, September 4, 2016

Fenska Adoption #2 And A Way You Can Help

(Photo Credit: Laura Birkey)
Thank you so much for the encouragement and excitement you’ve surrounded us with since we shared that we’re adopting! We feel the love and we’re so grateful! Here’s a quick run down on why we’re in the process again and how you can help.

The Why
Adopting again is something that’s been on our hearts for a while now. Even before we brought Titus home, we talked about adopting one more time. We love being parents, we love our kids, and we have more love to give! Each of our children have shaped our lives for the better and we’re excited to experience that joy again. Our hearts are also for expectant mamas walking through adoption; we want to be available as they make the hard choice about whether or not they will place their child for adoption. And underneath all that, we have a deep gratitude towards God for adopting us into His family and we believe loving through adoption is one way we can reflect His heart.

The How
How are we going to be ready for the steep $25-32K or more that our adoption will cost? (Yikes! I know! In case you're curious, that money goes to things like agency fees, lawyer fees, birth mom counseling and living expenses, etc.) For the past four years, we have worked hard to save and God’s been faithfully providing. But we’re still about 15K short. We’re committed to continue working and saving but we're also coming to you for help. We are praying for 10K before January. It’s hard and uncomfortable to ask for help, but we need it. Would you consider stopping by our page on AdoptTogether where you can be a part of our adoption by giving a tax deductible gift? Every gift, whatever the size, is so meaningful.

As you probably know, Titus’s adoption was a whirlwind and even when we were left scrambling for the funds, God was so faithful! We know that He will faithfully provide again. As we’ve talked about it and prayed about it, we really want to be more prepared ahead of time this go-around if possible. We’ve already said “no” to several adoption situations because we don’t have all the funds ready to go yet. But we trust that God’s timing for our family is perfect. Thank you so much for considering being a part of our adoption journey! We thank God for your prayers and support.

(Note: AdoptTogether will disperse funds directly to our adoption agency when we are matched with an expectant mama.)

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