Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Eric and Madlen's Adoption Story: Wait With Purpose

Photo Credit for all pictures: KG Photography
I got to know Eric and Madlen as a fellow adoptive family during their first adoption as a CAC couple. I was excited to watch God work His beautiful ways in their second adoption journey and let me tell you- the two processes could not have been any more different! Their second adoption was painfully slow, involved some serious heartbreak, and was just flat out a really difficult wait. But just like He always is, God was working even when we couldn't understand what He was doing. They refused to give up. They clung to the truth that He is faithful and they kept praying for Him to bring their baby to them. He is always, always, always faithful! And now this sweet family is a family of four.

Madlen shares, "We were matched Oct 17 and baby was born the 29. In God's perfect timing, my parents had just moved to our area a month before we got matched, so they were just 15 minutes away from us instead of 7 hours. My mom wasn't working, which made it possible for her to come with us when we traveled for our son's birth. She was able to watch our oldest while we spent time getting to know B's birth mom at the hospital. We really wanted our son, A, to be a part of the experience with us and he was able to do that because my parents had just relocated. It became just the perfect way for us to explain to him in more detail about his own adoption story! He finally started to understand the whole thing a lot better. He got to meet N before she went into labor and see that his little brother was in her belly. And he came into the room minutes after B was born! I got to spend some quality time with our son's birth mom; we cried, we laughed, we shared stories. It was hard and very emotional but also an amazing blessing! It was such a sweet time that I will treasure."

After their sweet son was born, Madlen shared these words with some fellow waiting CAC mamas. If you are waiting today, let it be an encouragement to your heart!

"It has been a very long and hard process! Many times I have questioned what God's plan was for our family. Were we meant to adopt again? Why was it taking so long? I have been angry, frustrated and sad. But God's timing is absolutely perfect! Our wait had a purpose all along although we couldn't see it.  Don't give up hope if you're waiting for your little one. Keep praying! Our baby is the best gift we could have received this Christmas. God has blessed us beyond what we deserve and we are just so amazed."
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