Friday, December 2, 2016

Luke and Janien's Adoption Story

Luke and Janien started with me at Christian Adoption Consultants in November of last year. From the very start, they were an absolutely pleasure to get to know. I pointed them towards an incredible home study provider in their area and little by little, they got everything together for their home study. Meanwhile, I was busy creating their profile. (Here's a picture from their profile. Aren't they so cute?)

On May 11 their home study was approved and that very same day an attorney contacted CAC about an expectant mama making an adoption plan. Luke and Janien quickly sent their packet to the attorney’s office and were able to have their profile presented! It’s pretty rare that an adoptive family gets chosen the very first time they present, but it does occasionally happen. Luke and Janien were exactly what this expectant mama was looking for! Just like that, they were matched.

They invested their hearts and time in the life of the brave mama they were matched with and four months later, their beautiful little girl was born. Congratulations, Luke and Janien!

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