Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Gift of Family

Comparing "baby bellies" with my cousin, Carrie

God is able to do amazing things in any and every family. I am particularly aware of that today as I reflect on the grace of God that I see at work in my cousins that I had the blessing of seeing a couple weekends ago. My Grandma, Aunt Patti, Tara & her girls, Meg, and Carrie all came for a visit. It was a blast to be with them and encouraging as well.

When God saved me from my sins back in eighth grade, it was not very common at that time for many in our family to talk about the Lord or what He was teaching them or what was going on at their church. There weren't comments like, "I've been praying for..." or "I know that God can..." Don't get me wrong, we had wonderful times together and the atmosphere wasn't necessarily bad. We loved each other very much, it was just that God wasn't really as much "in the picture." But, by His grace, things have changed! It is easy to see that Jesus is an ever growing integral part of their lives. God has done an amazing work in my cousins!

I've loved the times when I've talked with my cousin, Jenny, and we've had a chance to share about what the Lord is teaching us or when Meghan has given me a prayer request, or hearing about Sam & Carrie's baptism or the ways that Tara is serving in her church. Josh & I love getting to talk with Bill about what he's learned from being in ministry or seeing the difference in Jess over the years as he's changed to live for Christ. God is at work in the lives of my cousins and their spouses!

I could go on much more about other family members or more specifics on their testimonies, but suffice it to say that I just feel so blessed to have the family that I have. I know many who face significant challenges when they are with extended family, some even getting shunned for their faith. And that simply has not been the case for me. My faith has been strengthened and challenged as I have watched the work of Christ on the cross transform my cousins. What a reason to rejoice in the Lord today and to be grateful for my family!

p.s.-If you're part of a family where God isn't very central, let the testimony of how He's changed my cousins be an encouragement for you to pray. Pray that the Lord would save. Pray that He would radically change the lives of your family members. Nothing is impossible with God!

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4 Responses to “The Gift of Family”

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  2. God is so Good! All things are possible through Him. :) I love your blogspot Katie - it is so much fun to keep up on your family and Tali by checking in here every so often. The Gift of Family is so true and sweet to read. I love ya!

  3. Thanks, Carrie! Sorry, I'm new with this comments thing...I tried to delete your duplicate and it did but then it kept the "comment deleted" thing. Sorry! Didn't mean to make it look like you had a bad comment or something. :)

  4. HI Katie!

    You look beautiful. I love the picture of you & Carrie
    belly to belly.

    Yes... God is good. When I look back at all He has done, I am in AWE of Him and His timing.

    He really makes all things new and beautiful. How great is the Lord.
    Love ya, Jen