Wednesday, October 17, 2007

We Love Mondays!

(Here is Tali, enjoying the beautiful fall weather. Sorry-we failed to get any pics of her with dirt in her mouth. Probably because I was too busy frantically digging it out of her cheeks...)

While most people in the world eagerly await Friday, Saturday, and Sunday as "the weekend," at the Fenska's, we can't wait for Mondays. Monday=Daddy's day off=Mommy's morning out=working on projects=special family time. We love Mondays!

Josh has been doing a fabulous job of planning for our special day as a family, thinking of fun things that both a seven month pregnant wife and an 11 month daughter will enjoy. As I've said before, he's the best! This Monday we went to one of our favorite spots by the river to enjoy a fall picnic. We had a ton of fun talking, taking pictures, and watching Tali scoot around picking up dirt clods and eating them (sadly, no joke). The poor girl is getting some more teeth and will basically stick anything that she can find in her mouth for a little comfort. I'm not so sure the dirt eased the pain though!

I am so grateful for my husband who works hard to plan for our day together. Aside from Sundays, it's always the highlight of my week!

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