Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Personal What?

My hubby is off on a "personal" retreat for the next couple of days. (By "personal" I don't mean that he's going to go take naps and watch the World Series...although I'm sure that would be fun for him! It's just called a "personal retreat" because he will be alone and his agenda will be one that is aiming to refresh himself spiritually & to study.) I'm so grateful that he truly wants to watch his "life and doctrine closely" and so is willing to take a couple of days out of the normal routine to go and pray, study, and evaluate his own soul and ministry. He said that he had heard from another pastor that it can be tempting at times to think of a personal retreat as selfish but that, in truth, it's a very loving thing to do. It's loving because as he draws near to the cross and is freshly aware of what God has called him to, our family and Sovereign Grace Church are the beneficiaries! And so, while it is never fun to have him away, I'm praying and thanking God for this time that Josh has. If you think of it, please join me in praying for him!

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One Response to “Personal What?”

  1. a personal reflection of soul is a good thing for everybody! I pray that the Lord will reveal to him anything He wants.