Tuesday, October 14, 2008

God's Absolutely Unique Love

After growing discouraged about seeing so many areas in need of growth in my life, Josh kindly helped me see that I've not been viewing my sin in light of the cross.  When I'm looking at myself through the lens of the cross, there is so much hope and joy and peace. When I look at my sin through the lens of the cross, I can rejoice in knowing that Jesus has paid the penalty for my sins and I can have hope that He'll change me.  So, at the suggestion of my husband, I've been trying to immerse myself in cross centered books and started studying Romans.  Stott's commentary of Romans has been particularly helpful for me.  I've been so encouraged by the quote below, that talks about the unique depth of God's love for His children.

"...the degree of love is measured partly by the costliness of the gift to the giver, and partly by the worthiness or unworthiness of the beneficiary.  The more the gift costs the giver, and the less the recipient deserves it, the greater the love is seen to be.  Measured by these standards, God's love in Christ is absolutely unique.  For in sending His Son to die for sinners, He was giving everything, His very self, to those who deserved nothing from Him except judgement."

What amazing love!  What a reason to thank God for the cross!  I deserved judgement and wrath because of my sin, but in His love for me, God poured out that wrath and judgement on Christ instead.  There is much reason to hope in God today!

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2 Responses to “God's Absolutely Unique Love”

  1. Amazing Love, How Can it Be? That oh my God shouldst die for me?!

  2. Katie, I have been growing discouraged in this area lately also. Thank you for this timely word of encouragement. I do wonder though, when in the world do you find time to read? You are amazing. Keep up the good fight. I will too!