Friday, September 25, 2009

Wiping Their Faces and Helping them Share

Lately I have been quick to complain, quick to become irritated at my kids, and quick to crave rest instead of joyfully caring for Tali & Owen. Wiping their faces and helping them share, coaching them to put away toys, making meals, training them, instructing them, disciplining hasn't seemed very appealing to me lately. My body is physically tired, my brain feels a bit fried, and I don't necessarily feel like "engaging" with my kids all day. I'm not sure what I'd rather be doing (except maybe sleeping!) but I'm certainly not bursting with joy about my day. I don't want this to be the case and I know that God doesn't either.

During my devotional time I was asking the Lord to help me be grateful for the blessing of parenting. God reminded me of this helpful truth: this is my mission field. These kids that He has placed in my care for a very short time desperately need to know that they are sinners and that Jesus alone can save them. My day does matter. It matters because I can be an instrument in God's hands, speaking the truth in love to my kids that they might someday see the glorious Gospel that has rescued me. What greater purpose could I possibly have today than this?

And you know what? When I asked God to give me the grace to enjoy them, to give me the strength to seize this day as a Gospel-opportunity, He answered! We had such an enjoyable afternoon; it wasn't without challenges but I was more focused on the eternal perspective of what I'm doing. I was able to laugh at their funny words and to play with them despite fatigue.

Anyway, if you are struggling today to joyfully love your kids and to see the importance of what you're doing, can I encourage you to cry out to God and ask Him for help? He is so faithful to answer. Let's be faithful missionaries for His glory today!

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