Friday, October 2, 2009

Early Morning Thoughts From Owey

This morning I heard Owen calling from his room, "I wanna seep on Mommy's pih-low. I wanna seep on Mommy's pih-low." Knowing that we'll have a newborn soon makes me want to savor the moments with my little "almost 2 year old" baby all the more. So I brought him in.

He quietly sucked his thumb for a while, then glanced over to Josh sleeping beside him and whispered, "Can I look at him?"

"Sure, buddy, you can look at him," I laughed.

Owen began softly touching Josh's beard and quietly whispered, "Oh! Daddy ih bue-duh-ful. Daddy so bue-duh-ful!"

I couldn't agree more.

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4 Responses to “Early Morning Thoughts From Owey”

  1. Well, tell Owey that his daddy was beautiful at his age even! Almost as handsome as Owey!
    Love ya

  2. Everyone is going to be so glad you have this moment recorded, except maybe Owen when he's 16. :) Adorable!

  3. soooo sweet! I know what you mean about savoring your baby/big boy times!