Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Being a Mom Means Sacrifice

God has been so kind to show me lately that I haven't really surrendered with joy to this call that's He's placed on my life as a mom. I want to stay at home with my kids, instruct and train them for His glory, love them and enjoy them, but without the "hard stuff." I want it to be easy and all fun and not such a death to my own perceived "rights." When it's hard, I look for some way to make it easier. I can fight within my heart saying, "This is NOT how it's supposed to be! Being a mom is not supposed to require so much sacrifice from me. Shouldn't it be less tiring than this?" In other words, I haven't quite surrendered to God's plan of conforming me more to the image of Christ who came not to serve but to be served and to give his life as a ransom for many.

I'm praying that the Lord will help me to seize the joy of honoring Him by living for His glory, not for my own momentary ease. And I'm especially praying that He'll give me grace to do that when it's just plain hard. A couple of quotes from Carolyn Mahaney's "Feminine Appeal" have been helping me this week as I seek to lay down my own life for God's plan for me as a mom:

"In the career of motherhood there are no weekends off, no paid vacations, no bonuses or yearly raises, and no quitting time. It is just day0in and day-out giving. There are times when we feel we do not have another ounce of energy left to offer. What we wouldn't do to curl up on the sofa with a good book, enjoy a long, leisurely bubble bath, or simply take a nap. Yet multiple needs still require our attention.

I am convinced that no profession requires harder work or greater sacrifice than motherhood.

Because mothering requires constant sacrifice, the temptations to resentment, complaining, and self-pity are always close at hand. But such selfishness will quickly sap the strength of our love for our children."

It's not easy to die to myself but it's worth it to please God in my parenting.

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5 Responses to “Being a Mom Means Sacrifice”

  1. I love love love those quotes. I may have to cut and paste and print them off for myself. Love ya girl!

  2. Hi Katie....praying for you my friend. That the Lord does bless you with JOY and abundant patience for you precious little ones! Being a Mama is not for wimps that's for sure:)!!!! But it is the most wonderful and rewarding work there is!

    Can't wait to hear the news that your newest one has a arrived. May God bless you with a great delivery, recovery, and transition to 3 little ones:).

  3. It was the hardest job I ever had, for sure! I love how you let the Lord mold you and shape you, but also, know that you are not alone. All struggle with certain things and when you have children so close in age, you are more so taken to task. In the long run, it will make you a strong person, and you will be the one able to say the right thing to other struggling and tired moms. I pray for strength for you in this time and a good friend who gives you timely breaks. Your crown and blessings are at hand. And you persevere in loving the Lord. That is all he is after.

  4. Katie, thank you for sharing both your humility and your wisdom. I'm so thankful for you!!!
    ~patty romack