Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Life with a Newborn

Our photographer friend, Brandon, took some awesome shots of Addie when she was 3 days old (the photo above is just one example). He did an incredible job and we are so grateful! You can check out the photos at: http://bjritterphoto.squarespace.com/clients/fenskas/
(It might take a little while to load.)

So our little girlie isn't quite 2 weeks old yet and still it seems that time is flying by. Maybe it's the fog of interrupted sleep or the lack of routine or the increased pace all day and night. I don't know. Time takes on a weird dimension when you're caring for a newborn.

Some highlights:

  • The other night I was taking care of Addie Beth and heard Tali exclaim from her bedroom, "God ansuhd my pray-er!" Then there was silence. Pretty soon I heard her shout again, "LuLu stopped crying!!!!!"
  • Whenever someone comes over that hasn't met our newest family member, Owen will point to her and tell the guest, "That's my sistuh."
  • Addie's currently going through a little growth spurt and is eating about every 1.5-2 hours. It is wearing me out. She's also really picked up the crying and it seems that food it about the only thing that will chill her out at this point. Again, it's wearing me out. Josh just reminded me tonight, "We only get to do this so many times. Because of the one who's doing the crying, even the crying can be something to thank God for." Good thoughts. She won't be a screaming infant forever.
  • We have had so much help from my mom. I'm really not sure how anyone does this without help.
  • So we're doing well, though tired and praying that her excessive crying calms down soon. She is still far from out-crying her brother at this age, and for that we're grateful!

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5 Responses to “Life with a Newborn”

  1. I love how you stay focused on the positive. I remember how grueling this phase is and the sleep deprivation blurs things so. Hang in there! Oh, and love that photo you posted. Beautiful shot.

    ps: Can I borrow your mom in March??! :)

  2. Great post Katie. I love that you have taught your children to pray. What a huge life lesson! :-)

    Love you!

  3. She's beautiful! And before you know it you will be sleeping well and wondering how your new born grew sooo fast:)!

    Praying for you...that you will find your rest in the Lord!One day at a time:)!

    And your Mom is sooo very sweet:)! You are one blessed woman!

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  5. Oh my sweet gracious! Those pictures are all so precious!! Congrats on the Addie's arrival! It feels like forever since we've had a newborn, so with 7 weeks left 'til due date, I'm feeling a bit nervous about going through all this again! What a blessing though!