Thursday, August 9, 2012

Family Memories

Each summer, Josh's parents come out for a visit; it's something the kids look forward to all summer long.  This year, the visit was extra fun because Aunt Amy and Eli came, too!  We made so many fun memories...

The first morning of their visit, sweet Eli emerged with this rockin' shirt to announce their family's big news.  Our kids can't wait to have another cousin to play with.
There was lots of hugging, playing, and laughing amongst the cousins (and only a teeny bit of fighting).
Many delightful books were read...
Some silly books were read...
One very special surprise birthday party was enjoyed by all...(sorry about the permit sign-we're getting a new fence!!!).
The party was complete with some extremely sugary kid-made birthday cupcakes for Grammy, the birthday girl!

There was a very entertaining trip to the children's museum (Eli would have stayed on the pretend train all day long, I think!).
There was an extremely sweaty trip to the zoo, complete with the ever popular carousel ride.
Many, many, many hours were spent swimming in the hotel pool.
There was lots of negotiating over who could sit by Pops, ride by Pops, play with Pops, etc..  (He's a seriously popular guy!)
There was the traditional Dairy Hut trip for some yummy ice cream.
And an obligatory cousin photo shoot where I had to bribe the participants with candy...
Plus lots of gratitude and prayers about the twins!

We know that these times together are definitely a gift not to be taken lightly.  We're so thankful for cousins that love to be together, for family that can laugh and have fun with each other, for so many beautiful memories that our kids are growing up having with Josh's family even though we live miles away.  Thank you, Pops & Grammy, Aunt Amy & Eli for coming to visit us!

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