Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Home Again

Enjoying a walk after our yummy dinner at "Fried Green Tomatoes"

Re-visiting the Arboretum where we got engaged

Where we were blessed to stay: Pine Hollow Inn, Galena

The Lord was so kind to richly bless our time away. Josh and I felt overwhelmed by how truly good the time was; it even exceeded our expectations. We drank-in the beauty of our bed&breakfast out in the woods, ate some yummy food, played Dutch Blitz and Speed Scrabble, revisited the arboretum where we got engaged, had wonderful fellowship, talked about goals for our marriage, worked on generating some names for baby boy, checked out quaint little shops, got soaked in a downpour, and enjoyed just being in love. God was so kind to us and gave us many sweet memories to treasure. Thank you for your prayers!

One of the things that I most appreciated about our time was that God filled me with fresh faith for all of the good things that He has in store for our marriage. It was a joy to fellowship with Josh about how God has and will continue to change us, through the power of the Gospel, to help our marriage more reflect Christ and the Church. After all, that's the ultimate purpose for our marriage. It was good to be reminded of that and to think about how I can better reflect that by faithfully and joyfully living out my role as a wife.

I am so grateful for Josh's care for me and the way that he encouraged me during our trip to trust God for growth in our marriage and in other aspects of my life. It can sometimes become much easier for me to dwell on my sin than to dwell on the kindness and mercy and grace of God, shown on the cross. How it must grieve the Lord when we are so busy looking inward that we fail to look upward and worship Him for the redemption He's purchased.

On another note, we came back to a daughter that has suddenly decided she needs to stand up all of the time and now even tries to climb on top of things. What happened to my little baby? Thankfully, I've got another coming. :)

That's it for now!

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  1. So glad that God blessed you with such a great getaway!