Thursday, September 27, 2007

Standing Up

It's official. Tali no longer enjoys merely sitting on the floor, happily reading her books. Now, in order for any "fun" to be had in her life, she thinks she needs to be standing. And so, with wobbly little legs, she pulls up. Here are some shots of her latest milestone. Oh, and one picture of her enjoying her newest trick: climbing up the stairs.

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4 Responses to “Standing Up”

  1. I love it! Great job, Tali!

    Katie--when Caleb learned to pull to a stand it was like he always had this uncontrollable urge to do so, everywhere, all the time. Which meant he did it in his crib too. The problem was he didn't know how to get back down. It made for a long week of naps and bedtime because he would stand there and scream. So, I just wanted to encourage you that if Tali is doing the same thing, eventually she WILL learn to sit back down. She's such a smart lady though, she probably has it already figured out. Thanks for blogging! I love hearing about your life :)

  2. Katie, CUTE BLOG!! So glad to keep in "touch" with you through your postings. Love you!

  3. Finaaly - I have been trying to leave a message for about a week now - it's all worked out!
    I am still working on a time when we can see you! Miss you - give your cutie girl a big hug from Aunt Jessy!

  4. I am still trying to figure out when to see you - I miss you!
    Give your sweet girl a hug from Aunt Jessy!