Thursday, November 8, 2007

He Is Always At Work

Once the baby is born, my time in God's Word will be shortened for a while and I want to seize the opportunity that I have now to dig a little deeper into scripture. This morning, I was debating what to start studying and the Lord brought to my mind a great resource that I was given on Esther. I am always struggling to trust that God's sovereign plan is actually a good one (especially when what He's doing doesn't make sense to me or I can't see His hand at work) so I know that the book of Esther will be instructive for me.

Today, I read the following in Iain Duguid's commentary on Esther & Ruth:

"...we may well have no idea what God is doing. He may seem hidden and remote, refusing to answer our prayers and to give us what we so earnestly ask of him. Wait! The end of our story has not yet been told, and who knows how the pieces of the jigsaw that at present seem to have no logical connection with one another will ultimately come together? Even though we cannot see God acting, it does not follow that he is not doing anything. God's work is not all slam-bang action; sometimes it is a quiet faithfulness to his promises in the seemingly ordinary providences of life, bringing about in the hearts of his people what he has purposed."

Whatever our circumstances are today, God is acting. We may not see what He's doing or understand the "why" behind it, but He really is at work. And when God is working, He always works for our good (Romans 8:28). I'm greatly encouraged by that reminder and hope that you are as well! May we look for His active work today and trust Him even when it's not clear what He's up to.

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3 Responses to “He Is Always At Work”

  1. I read that commentary a few months ago. It proved to be one of my favorite books!

  2. Oh good, Christy. That's even more incentive for me!

  3. very encouraging, indeed! Thanks ;-)