Saturday, November 3, 2007

Little Pumpkin

A couple of Mondays ago, Josh & I took Tali to a very small (and I mean small!) pumpkin patch. She adores anything that she can stand up against so she loved the pumpkins. She especially enjoyed trying to eat the small gourds. :) Unfortunately, it started to rain not long after we arrived, but we were able to snap some pretty cute pictures before that happened (but no pics of the gourd eating).

Have a wonderful weekend!

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4 Responses to “Little Pumpkin”

  1. Could she be any more adorable?!

  2. Those are so sweet! Perfectly lightning, those cloudy days are.

  3. Hi Katie, I'm enjoying reading a bit of your blog:) Tali is so precious! And your devotions are wonderful. I look forward to gleaning all I can from them!

  4. sorry, friend. I don't think it wise nor kind to infect your household with our virus, so we will not be able to come see you tomorrow.
    I am disappointed but am trusting that God is good.
    Love, Jessy