Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Quick Life Update

This is probably not the best time to blog given that I've got water on the stove attempting to boil, a daughter who is nearing the stairs, and only a couple of minutes to spare. But I haven't updated in forever and I figure that if I don't update more regularly no one will read so....

Really quickly:

*Thank you for your prayers for my retreat! The Lord met me and I was refreshed in my soul as well as encouraged for this next season.

*Thank you for your prayers for Tali. We found out that she has a sinus infection & she is not feeling well but is hopefully on the road to recovery.

* I am storing up about a million posts in my head and I hope that at some point soon I'll have time to type them out. Until then, enjoy the Lord's all sufficient grace today!

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2 Responses to “Quick Life Update”

  1. so glad your retreat went well. I just finished reading that section in the book and Spencer and I are in the midst of planning each of ours. Sounds extremely beneficial.
    Hope Tali feels better!

  2. Looking forward to catching up with you today!

    P.S. In my opinion, a four day blogging-break does not equal forever!