Friday, November 21, 2008

Firemen Visit the Fenskas

We interrupt this whole "marriage" business talk for an exciting story about our afternoon today.

Lunch had just ended and we took our usual spots on the bench by the window. Both kids can be entertained for a good 20 minutes simply by looking out this glorious window (anything that entertains children for 20 minutes is glorious in my book!). Tali decided she was ready to get down so she started backing off the bench. Unfortunately, she backed off right onto her head and her face. Blood started pouring from her mouth and she screamed hysterically.

I rushed her into the kitchen to see how badly she was hurt and searched for an ice pack. Just then I heard two loud thumps and a "splat." I ran in with Tali to find Owen face down on the floor at the foot of the steps. He wasn't making a sound. Quickly, I put Tali on the floor to bleed alone and picked Owen up. His eyes were rolling back a bit and he was slowly opening and shutting his eyes. He whimpered a little but that was it. He was sort of rolling his head around. Tali was still screaming hysterically and bleeding all over.

I called Josh and he told me to call 911 while he quickly headed home. I grabbed an ice pack, stuck it on the bump on Owey's head and he started snapping back into alertness. I think the cold sort of brought him back a bit (thank you, Lord!). Tali was hysterical and telling her that an ambulance was coming to visit didn't help calm her down. I prayed with her for Owey. And so...

The firemen came. It took them about 3 minutes to arrive at our house. Tali proceeded to scream hysterically (she was almost losing her breath), Owen still hadn't really made a sound, and I was still a bit shocked.

They checked him out and I was able to take him into our pediatrician's office instead of to the ER. (They gave me the option. Would anyone ever choose to take their child to the emergency room if they could help it?) He is doing fine but we're supposed to wake him up every couple hours or so during the night to make sure that he is rouseable.

We are so grateful for God's protection for our kids. I have no clue how far he fell but I'm guessing it was quite a ways. For a mother who is a little paranoid as is about watching my kids CONSTANTLY and rarely ever leaving them alone, this was another reminder to me that there is no perfect mom. Yet another reminder to me that children are a gift from the Lord and their lives are in His hands. May I never take them for granted for even a minute.

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6 Responses to “Firemen Visit the Fenskas”

  1. Wow! I am so glad that they both are okay! Poor babies! That was a very exciting afternoon at your house!! And yes you are right there are no perfect mother's. When Tyler was 7 months old he fell down the stairs not once, but twice in one day!!! You think I would have learned the first time! I think the Lord has extra special grace on mother's!

  2. Katie! I read this with my mouth hanging open. I will be praying for Owen's head and Tali's cut and for your hair to stay red and not turn grey. It's amazing any of these babies make it into adulthood isn't it?? I'm empathize with you completely, I'm so cautious and careful, and yet things STILL happen. We are NOT in control it seems... ;) We just have to keep doing our very best and God will take care of the rest! Please post an update soon!

  3. Oh,Honey. What a day. That had to be the scariest thing ever! You and Josh passed that parenting test with flying colors. God is faithfully IN all the moments, and this makes an exciting story in the 'Journals of Tali & Owen'. Like my friend Jessy says, "God IS Good. Amen?"

  4. When Josh told me about Owen yesterday (I didn't hear the part about Tali) but said he was okay, my first thought was, "But is Katie okay?!" Glad that everyone made it through, and thankful that God is always watching even when moms can't.

  5. Oh my goodness Katie! So very glad everything turned out ok. After I read this Eric and I prayed for you and your little ones and we hugged our little ones a little tighter too:)!

  6. Katie!!! oh my. I just got home from being gone all week and read this. So thankful those sweet kids are all right. Please hug them for me! You are right, it is only God who makes them dwell in safety...something I need to remind myself frequently.