Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Privilege of a Wife: Orienting My Life

A couple months ago I started noticing that my affection for Josh wasn't quite what it used to be. When he came home from work, I wasn't all that excited to see him. When we had the opportunity to go on a date it seemed a bit like a chore rather than a delight. When I talked with friends or had some time to plan, my thoughts and words quickly turned to my kids and housework, rarely to my husband. It's not that I didn't love Josh or wasn't glad to be married, but unlike at the beginning of my marriage, being a wife wasn't really something I thought a ton about. I knew that something wasn't right but wasn't quite sure what.

After talking with Josh and with the ladies in my small group, it became very clear that I was prioritizing my kids over my husband. More than that, I wasn't seeking to be the kind of wife that God describes in His Word. My life was oriented around growing in honoring the Lord but not in specifically growing in honoring Him in my marriage. My "to-do" list, our kids, and whatever else I wanted to do on a daily basis was what I focused on. These things that I was prioritizing weren't sinful but they weren't what God wanted me to orient my life around. My life was oriented around me.

It's a helpful question to think about. What is your life oriented around?

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One Response to “The Privilege of a Wife: Orienting My Life”

  1. a very important question you're asking!! we were just talking about this same thing in the mom's group i go to. it's important to remember our husbands BEFORE our children. thanks for always sharing your heart so beautifully.