Monday, November 24, 2008

Tali's Husband

Well, she may have just turned two but this girl is all ready thinking about matrimony. Tonight on the way home from Grandma's, she was talking, and talking, and talking about her "hubpin."

"Um...I'm not shore. Someday, when I'm a lady, I'll hab a hubpin. I'm not shore I'm a lady yet. Sooo...I'll let chew know. But in a liddle while I'll be a lady. I'll hab a hubpin. Maybe he's on the train. I'm not shore. Maybe he a white hubpin or maybe he a purple hubin. I no know. Sooo...I'll let chew know. Maybe he tould sit by me in da tar an I tould tell him I doe to my damma's house today. I'm not shore. So...I'll let chew know. If I fine a hubin, I'll let chew know."

This facinating monologe continued for quite some time before concluding with a rousing rendition guessed it! "The Itsy Bitsy Spider." Interesting, eh? Whoever he is, white or purple, we're praying for him.
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7 Responses to “Tali's Husband”

  1. Verrrrry Interesting... two things stick out to me and are encouraging. 1) She admits she's not sure and she's going to think on it and 2) She is going to let her mama know what is going on!!

    You're doing a great job Katie! Could you pass that manual on to me please?

  2. So cute. And as we all know how important our match it... PRAY FOR HIM NOW. You are an awesome mom katie! Have a great Thanksgiving!

  3. That little girl has gotta be one of the cutest out there!!!!!:)

  4. I'm pulling for the purple hubpin.

  5. Tali can be the first to marry an oompa loompa...sooooo cool!!!
    On a serious note, praise God for his work in your marriage that your 2 year old (oops, is she 3 now?) sees it as something to be desired! Well done Josh and Katie!!!