Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Ah, to be like Mary Bailey

So Josh and I have this tradition: every year when the snow covers the ground for the first time, we watch "It's A Wonderful Life." We're not claiming it's very theologically accurate or anything like that, but it sure is a sentimental Christmas favorite!

This time when the movie ended, I turned to Josh and said, "I think the moral of this story is that husbands should make use of the helper that God has given them!" I mean seriously, think of all the trouble that George would have averted had he merely told his wife what was going on and asked for her help and prayers! No contemplating ending his life, no jumping in the cold water after Clarence, no seeing the people he loved not even recognize him, no getting shot at by his friend... Ok, but in all seriousness, it got me thinking...am I like Mary Bailey? Would I go to great links to help my husband? If he was sinning against me, would I retaliate in anger or bitterness or would I do all that I could to help him honor the Lord with his life?

God's been working on my heart these past several months in the area of my role in marriage. My friends, I am no expert here. In fact, I have a million examples that I could share of what NOT to do! But, the Lord's been teaching me things about helping Josh and I'd love to jot some of it down on here. I want to be like Mary Bailey. I'm not like her but I am seeking to grow.

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