Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My Two Year Old

I neglected to post back in November when my big girl turned two. I thought it only appropriate to do it a bit late, given that I finally got around to posting about Owen's one year mark!

Talitha Lauren Fenska. I have never in my life met anyone like Tali. I sincerely think that there is no one like her in all the world. This girl is simply one of a kind! From her continual chatter to her requests to pray for people to her sense of humor to her inconsistent sleep patterns to her huge vocab, this girl is just a delight. (Ok, so the inconsistent sleep patterns aren't exactly fun.)

Some stats on my girl:

Weight: can't remember...I think it's 31 but maybe I'm off here.

Clothes: 3T

Favorite Foods: Blueberries, yogurt, strawberries, popcicles, m&ms, eggs, Propel

Sleep: 1 nap (usually from 2:00pm until who knows when! Generally 'till 3:45pm), bedtime at 7:00pm but doesn't fall asleep until around 8pm or after. Lately she's been waking up a couple of times during the night and then very early in the morning. Before that, she slept until 7:15am.

Favorite Books: Anything about potty training (though it hasn't caught on yet), construction books, books with pictures of kids. And she always asks, "Wuhs da ah-thuh's name?" :) She still LOVES to read and has a "book time" in her crib each day for about 45 minutes where she listens to music and looks at books. (Like I said, she's one of a kind!)

Favorite Activities: Tali loves to pretend. She basically pretends all day long. Her favorite things to pretend are that she's a mommy and her baby is crying on the "mom-a-dur," that she's Caleb and I'm Mrs. Angie, that she's going to the doctor (sometimes it's "Doc-tuh Owen"), that she's at church (she likes to sing and pretend she's "Missuz Poe-nuh-voe"), that she's cooking or that she's at the library (Daddy is often "Miss Luanne" our favorite librarian). She also likes playing with blocks and building towers as well as playing with Little People.

Favorite Places: Church is pretty high up there for this girl. She LOVES seeing friends and especially getting to run around with Caleb and share his "fishy crackers." During the week she often talks about "Daddy peechin da Wuhd." (preaching the Word) She also loves going to the Village Grind or Starbucks with Mommy or Daddy.

Personality: Tali's sweet and thoughtful. She loves to ask Daddy each day, "How wuz ya day, Daddy? Whud jew do ta-day, Daddy?" Or, "Oh, Mama. I like ya hair tut. It's piddy." (I got my hair cut months ago and she's still complimenting me on it!) Or, "Hi, Damma. How is Papa do-een ta-day?"

I love so many things about Tali. I especially love how she keeps me company all day with long conversations. ("Let's have a ton-ver-say-son, Mommy!" or "Tell me a story, Mommy!") She has taught me many things by her joy, sense of humor, and sweetness. I'm most struck by her love for prayer. She loves praying for people and always asks to pray. She remembers when I tell her that someone is sick and we need to pray for them & she will often ask me to pray for that person later in the day. Josh and I are so encouraged by her very teachable spirit and her interest in reading the Bible and praying. Obviously that's not something to be weighed too much at age 2 but we pray that God will do a mighty work in her even at a young age and save her soul for His glory!

I love you, Tali-lally-lou. Thank you for being my favorite little lady.

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  1. Your girlie must be big for her age! Both my kids are about 33lbs and in 3T, at 2.5 & 4. That was funny to me to read that! I love the curly hair and 'let's have a conversation.' :)