Friday, January 16, 2009

These Children Are His

I have struggled for many years to trust in the Lord rather than giving way to the sin of fear & anxiety. Now that I have children, the temptations can be great. There are many fears and anxieties, too many to list. At the top is the fear that their life will somehow cease. God has helped me to fight this fear, and many others, by meditating on His Word and the truth that He is always good and always sovereign. Still, the temptations are there and I need daily reminders.

So, it might seem odd that I am finding such help from this blog, where this "worst fear" actually has happened in the Castro family. I don't think I've ever met them, though we attended their church when we lived in Maryland. Still, their lives are daily helping me to set my mind on things above.

If you struggle in any way with fear or anxiety or trusting the Lord, reading Heather's fight for faith will certainly leave you more in love with the Savior and wanting more to rest in Him. Each day as I read her blog, I am reminded of the gift that my children are, a gift-not a right that I'm guaranteed. But more importantly, I am reminded that even if what I deemed the worst thing ever actually happened, Jesus would still be worth it. Jesus is more satisfying than my husband or my kids or my health or my house or anything. Only He is satisfying Heather's soul and only He can satisfy mine. Reading this blog reminds me that I need to fight to use each moment with my children wisely for His glory. And reading her blog reminds me that the Gospel is powerful to change; only a God that is real and active and alive could sustain someone like Heather is being sustained.

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2 Responses to “These Children Are His”

  1. Amen Katie, what freedom it brings to truly rely on Him and Him only for our peace.

  2. I can totally relate to this Katie. But they are "His" children and I have to remind myself that often. I also was reading the blog of the Castro family. Wow, what a tragedy, but what an encouragment she brings with her Faith in the Lord, and being so open about her struggles. It really is a testimony of true faith. Thanks for sharing it with me.