Friday, January 30, 2009

That Dreadful Iron

It's been a long time since I ironed any clothes. My poor husband has been sticking his shirts on hangers and hanging them in the bathroom while he showers in an attempt to get the wrinkles out (it only sort of works). Well, today I finally decided to put his interests above my own and break out the good ole' iron.

Owey was sitting in his pack-n-play watching while I put the ironing board up and plugged in the iron. Immediately, he started shaking and crying. The poor child was afraid of the ironing board. Does that not tell you something? Um, the sweet boy had never even seen the thing before. I think that he thought it was some kind of vicious creature or something.

Yep. I need not grow proud in my homemaking skills; it appears that I've still got room to grow.

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5 Responses to “That Dreadful Iron”

  1. I hate the iron too - I never buy clothes for myself that need to be ironed. So, it only gets pulled out if one of Mike's shirts is in dire condition. This was an excellent reminder, though, of the importance of putting our husband's interests above our own. Thank you!

  2. HA HA! TOo funny. I actually am a huge fan of the "wrinkle releaser" by just spray, wipe and Voila! :)

  3. funniest post i've read in a long time! :) I can reall see though how a steaming hissing iron might scare a liddle biddy baby! Maybe you shouldn't iron again until he is older... hahaha, sorry Josh!

  4. That would be understandable, Carrie, but unfortunately the iron wasn't even making a noise! It was just the whole thing that creeped him out!

  5. That is hilarious!

    Oh- just have Josh sit next to William and no one will be able to tell he's wrinkled. The only reason I didn't throw our iron out when we moved to IL was b/c I knew William needed ironed shirts during his search for a job. Thankfully that's in the past!