Saturday, January 31, 2009

Me Time

I came across a blog a while back talking about the "Me-time myth." It came to my mind again today and I wanted to share it.

Often my day swirls on and I've barely sat down until 2:30 when both kids are finally in their beds for naps. Nap time can be prime time for my selfishness to reign. Here's how it works: I start thinking, "I've worked hard all day long. At least I deserve a little break-some time to sit and relax for a while. I will feel so much more refreshed if I can just have some peace and quiet/time to myself." Sure, there are countless other tasks that I could be doing, but a nice cup of tea and some chocolate while I read the latest Everyday Food Magazine sure sounds like a lot more fun that diligently serving my family.

Hear me out, it's not wrong for me to sit down or read a magazine or have a snack. Rest is a gift from the Lord. Those things aren't wrong but when I'm seeking my refuge and refreshment in them, craving them and longing for them and believing that my joy is found in them, there is a big problem: "me" time will never satisfy my soul!

Refreshment for our souls won't come from "me-time" or "time to ourselves to do what we want." Really, when we take that time to just do whatever we want without giving thought to the Lord and what He would have us do, we aren't going to be refreshed. Jesus alone can satisfy our souls. I've found it very true that when I seek to give myself some "me" time, I'm usually just left longing for more. The kids wake up from their naps earlier than I hoped and I think, "That wasn't enough! If only I had a bit more time to myself!" Five minutes, a half an doesn't matter if it's a small snipit of time or large, I still am left wanting more. Why? Because that time will not refresh my soul and satisfy my heart.

As God's started helping me to see this truth, I have found that there's much more time in a day than I thought! If I use my little bits of time to find satisfaction in Him instead of just doing what I want at the moment, I am more at peace, joyful, and diligent. I can spend a couple minutes doing something to help me look to the Lord, and then get busy serving Him instead of indulging in rest. My family is blessed and I am being more productive for God's glory.

I still check my email, look at blogs, drink tea, etc. but I'm trying not to indulge in those things and spend excessive time on them. Living for Christ brings me true peace and joy. Living for "my time" and "my interests" do not. It's a daily battle...

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One Response to “Me Time”

  1. Good good post. Oh how I needed to read this!! Thank you. How true this is. Now to just get this truth to sink in past my 32 years of selfish "me" living. :) I am happy and grateful when I think of the progress I have made in these areas in the past year. God is good. And patient!