Monday, February 2, 2009

Favorite Quotes of the Day

While we were in the car waiting for Josh:
"O-wen! Ware is ya fah-duh at?"

And tonight at dinner:
"Mommy, I willy enjoy dis dinner dat you made me."

And one for Owey, too. He is currently obsessed with his beloved bear that he sleeps with. It's very concerning to him when he can't locate it. This morning I heard him calling out, very loudly:
"Beer? Beer? Go? Go?"

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One Response to “Favorite Quotes of the Day”

  1. super sweet. the first quote reminds me of something drew says to angie - she'll ask him "Where's your father?" and he smarts back "Where's YOUR father?" - where do they get this stuff? And why does it all make me think of star wars?? hahaha. have a great day Katie!