Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Prayer Requests

We're on our way out the door, heading for the airport to fly to CA for a week!  We'll be enjoying time with Josh's family and enjoying the beautiful weather that is a far cry from this frozen tundra that we live in. (Don't be too jealous!)

If you think of us, please do pray:

1) For our flight: pray for God's grace to be upon the kids, especially Owey. He is so not into sitting still and this could be a challenge for him.

2)  For good health: both kids are fighting a bit of a cold

3)  For joyful memories with one another and with Josh's family

4) That I would seek to live for Christ and not myself, seeking to serve others and not just craving MY way! (especially regarding less rest and kids off of their normal routine)

5)  That Josh would be refreshed from a week of vacation

Thank you so much!  Grateful for the prayers.

p.s.-  Hanna, I can't wait to meet your baby when we return!

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4 Responses to “Prayer Requests”

  1. Katie, I will be praying for you guys. Have a wonderful time.

    Your mom and dad just left... we had a GREAT time with them and G'ma and G'pa. I love family.


  2. Have a great time! Get some great pictures!

  3. We will pray! Have fun and soak up the Cali sunshine.

  4. Praying for you; have a wonderful time!