Monday, February 9, 2009

Feeling Sick and Heading Home

The Lord definitely answered all of your prayers on our trip out here.  Would you be so kind as to pray again?

1)  For healing for me as well as strength for the flight-I've not been feeling well today and spent most of the day asleep.  I need all of the energy I can get to creatively care for 2 tired kids on a 4 hour flight.

2)  Grace for the kids; they are tired and cranky.  They desperately need the Lord's help to make it through the flight without fits of crying.

3)  Wisdom for Josh: he's doing more of the work since I'm feeling so yucky.

4)  A quick transition back to our own time zone.

Thank you so much!  Grateful that the Lord is more eager to bless us than we are to ask Him...

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2 Responses to “Feeling Sick and Heading Home”

  1. I was praying for you all this morning, and I will keep praying for sustaining grace. Looking forward to having you back!

  2. What are you sick with? A cold?