Saturday, February 28, 2009

Recent Quotes

I've been storing up quotes from Tali and finally have a couple seconds to post them. These might only be funny to me, but I want to put them up so I'll have a way of remembering her two year old conversations. And yes, I am that dorky mom that quickly grabs a pin and jots down my child's sentences before I forget them.

Setting: Tali was running around the house, acting like a crazy woman. For no reason at all.
Dust uh-skooze me. I'm willy uh-sited!

Setting: I had just gotten some Play-Doh out for Tali. Owen was crying a bit because he wanted picked up or something like that.
You wanna pay wit Pay-doh, Owey? It's willy fun. You dohn hafta kye for it, Owey. It's fun!

Setting: The kids were eating their favorite snack: Edy's All-Fruit Popsicles
Can Owey have his beer (that's Owen's word for 'bear')?
Me: No hon, he's eating a popsicle.
His beer would eat his pawsicle?
Me: Yep. That's exactly what would happen.
An Owen would be like, "Beer, what ah you DO-EEN?!"

Setting: I stuck Owen in the pack-n-play so he'd be safe while I got Tali dressed for bed. He wasn't pleased with the whole idea of being confined and started to fuss.
Oh Owey, dohn you wuh-ree. I'll be in dare in a couple uh whiles.

Setting: I gave Tali some chocolate chips for fun.
Choc-la-lit chips ah good! Kine-uh like n-uhn-m's!

Setting: Tali was having some trouble going #2.
Daddy, dats why Mommy said I hafta eat poons!

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5 Responses to “Recent Quotes”

  1. I love it that I can see YOU in the things they say! I can totally hear the "What are you DOING?" in your voice, and it takes me back to sweet times of talking with you about sin and what we're believing and truth and God's grace. Just wanted to let you know that I'm reading along and I miss you!

    Sara E

  2. I applaud you for keeping track - I always said I would do that but never get around to it!

  3. Aw Katie, you do such a good job of caputuring this stuff. And I love reading it. Thanks for sharing. And that is a beautiful photo of Miss Tali, she has beautiful hair.

  4. You tell your constipated daughter that Caleb LOVES to eat prunes and see if that "hafta" turns into a "wanna." He had a similar situation last week as he was sitting on the potty because he told me he had to poop:

    C--Mommy, the pah-tee is bwoke. It not work.
    Me (thinking he was trying to get out of pooping on the potty)--it is not broken, honey. It works just fine.
    C--It doesn't work.

    ***I eventually took him off the potty because nothing was happening. Later that day he urgently runs to tell me he has to poop. So we try the whole thing again and I realize why he said it was broken...***

    C (pushing REALLY hard)--Mommy, Caydens poop is stuck in Caydens butt. Needa drink juice.

  5. Sara, thanks so much! I miss you, dear friend. You are an encouragement.

    Ang-I AM CRACKING UP! Your son is so funny and a real think-er. Oh, and Tali thinks it's pretty funny that he has her toothbrush. :)