Tuesday, July 3, 2012

It's Our Baby

Summer's in full swing and my three sweeties and I have been soaking up the sunshine, enjoying sugary treats, and having lots of fun conversations.
Tali went out into the dark garage today to grab some more ice pops (our third of the day).  "Mom.  It's so nocturnal out there right now!" she exclaimed.
Addie Beth's been her normal crazy two-year-old self.  This morning she woke up at the break of dawn because she had wet through her diaper.  As I changed her bedding she started talking loudly and lightening speed. "Mommy!  Mommy!  Can I jump on my bed?" she excitedly asked.  Never-mind that it wasn't really even light outside yet.  No big shocker when she took forever to calm back down.  Eventually when I went back in to see why she was still awake and still talking, I found her sitting up with piles of underwear surrounding her.  That's my fun little girl!
Owen is full of talk these days about reptiles, predators, and other cool boy stuff.  But my favorite conversations with him are the ones that showcase his tender heart.  Tonight I was talking with him about our new baby that we're waiting for and he got all excited talking about how he would hold the baby, help change diapers, etc.  I said, "Well, don't I get to hold the baby, too?  I mean, it's my baby, right?"  In a very serious tone, he replied, "No Mom.  It's not YOUR baby.  It's OUR baby."  Love my boy so much.
I don't know what the rest of this summer holds for us, but I will always treasure these sweet moments with Tali, Owen, and Addie as we hang out together amidst the hot summer sun.

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6 Responses to “It's Our Baby”

  1. Katie what a precious family you have! Those kids are blessed!! My fav is the little piece of lollipop in Addie's hair!! Made me smile!

  2. I love these precious kids! This post makes it seem like these summer days are paused at your house. I love that. How can I pause ours? If even for a moment. Was watching Caleb's stature at the pool yesterday and couldn't believe the way my first baby was carrying himself--no longer a toddler or even a preschooler. These babies of ours are school age now. Let me know where you got your pause button....

  3. What sweet words from Owen! He's got it right. This baby will be a blessing to your whole family. (And I'll be super impressed if he learns how to change diapers!)

  4. These pictures are gorgeous! I just looked at them the second time. I think I need another photog lesson from you. :) I mean, I KNOW I do!

  5. Sarah, thank you! You're too kind. :) I'm not sure how much you need another photog lesson from me because your pictures are beautiful. All of my favorite pictures have been tweaked at least a little bit (sometimes a lot) in Lightroom.