Why Use An Adoption Consultant?

July 17, 2012

**I wrote this post back in 2012 when my husband and I were in the midst of our first adoption process before I came on staff at CAC. While I could share a post from my perspective as a consultant now, I love that this post shares my heart while I was actually a CAC family.**

About a year ago, I thought that using an adoption consultant was just plain dumb.  My thinking went something like this: Adoption is expensive and hiring a consultant is another expense.  Why on earth would someone hire an adoption consultant?  My thinking about adoption consultants has drastically changed.  I went from thinking we'd never use one to not being able to imagine our adoption journey without one.  Why?  Here are some of the many reasons that we thank God for  Christian Adoption Consultants.

1) Decreasing the Risks
Domestic adoption does have risks. While all adoptions have risks, CAC helps their clients sort through the level of risk involved with each situation and gives invaluable information to help adoptive parents make informed decisions in their adoption journey.  CAC works primarily with "safe states" that are adoption friendly (where consents are generally signed in 24-72 hrs.).  

2) Exposure to multiple agencies and attorneys 
Working with multiple agencies helps you have more exposure to more potential adoption situations. Instead of being one family in a line with many at only one agency, working with CAC makes it possible for you to learn about more adoption situations and so have the opportunity to show your profile more frequently. (Many of these agencies initially waive their application fees for CAC families so you aren't paying unnecessary fees to an agency you might not necessarily be matched through!) Out of the hundreds of agencies and attorneys out there, it's difficult to know which are reputable. CAC has done that legwork for you! 

3) Significant decrease in wait time
Working with only one agency means that you are most likely one of many, many clients waiting in a long line to adopt.  In a traditional approach of only working with one agency, many adoptive couples wait 2 years or more before they are matched with an expectant mom.  Because CAC helps you find multiple good agencies and attorneys, the wait time when you're working with CAC can be significantly decreased.  As in, most CAC families are matched within 6-12 months after applying with multiple agencies. (This is just the average; some families are matched faster than that and some are matched longer than that.)

4)  Help from someone who is genuinely knowledgable AND really understands
Most of CAC's consultants have adopted before themselves. They know what it's like to adopt because they've been through the process (sometimes multiple times).  They are an incredible wealth of knowledge and information (which is great)!  They've helped TONS of couples adopt.  But their knowledge is coupled with a heart that has experienced the joys and challenges of adoption.  Because of that heart, they are extremely quick to respond to questions from clients (no waiting weeks to hear from them!).  Because of that heart, they pray regularly for their clients.  Because of that heart, they are a constant encouragement and help to us.  

5)  Benefits that far exceed the cost
Yes, hiring an adoption consultant isn't free. But in our opinion, the benefits to working with CAC have far exceeded the cost (and we aren't even matched with an expectant mom yet).  In the grand scheme of adoption expenses, it really isn't a lot to hire someone who will make a priceless difference in your adoption journey.  We've received extremely helpful answers to countless questions.  We've been connected to wonderful attorneys and agencies.  We've been encouraged, supported, and prayed for every single step of the way. And we've been blessed with having someone who is really on our side (much like a midwife who coaches you all through your pregnancy, labor, and delivery).  

To be really honest, we are getting way more than we paid for with CAC.  And to think that I once thought that using an adoption consultant was ridiculous!
Please contact me at katief@christianadoptionconsultants.com for more information today!

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