Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Matt and Jacque's Adoption Story: Trusting His Heart

This sweet family has been built through the gift of adoption. They have learned that in the mysterious ups and downs of the process when you can't see what God's doing, you have to trust His heart. Matt and Jacque adopted their oldest son from Ethiopia several years ago and last March they contacted me at Christian Adoption Consultants about beginning a domestic adoption. They were quickly matched with a baby due Christmas Day. But their Christmas wasn't spent welcoming the baby they were waiting for. Instead, a very difficult situation ended in the expectant mom they were matched with choosing to parent.

A failed adoption is a heartbreaking experience to walk through and it can make a family want to quit the entire process. But when I talked with Jacque several days after Christmas she confidently said to me, "We're not giving up on adoption." They knew there was One holding their story in His hands and that He was not finished.

Less than a month later, they heard about a local situation...a baby boy was due very soon and needed a family. After walking through such devastating loss, deciding to put your heart out there on the line again is not an easy decision. I talked with Jacque for quite a while about the situation. We prayed and I hung up the phone unsure of how God would lead them. Later that day I got a text from Jacque:

"We just talked through it and prayed through it like crazy. Once we talked about it we realized the only thing holding us back was fear and we didn't want to look back and regret not doing it because we were fearful."

So they bravely moved forward and they are oh so glad that they did! This sweet guy was born at the end of January and so dearly loved. When they couldn't trace God's hand, they knew His heart was for them. Now we see that kindness so vividly displayed in the life of this little boy! Congratulations, Matt and Jacque!

**Photo credits: Breigh Allen
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