Sunday, March 13, 2016

Tonsillectomy Tips From A Six Year Old

Our sweet Addie Beth recently had her tonsils out and she wanted to write a letter with tips for her cousin who is getting his out soon. I thought these were too cute not to share with you and she said that would be just fine. I'm happy to present to you...

10 Tips For Kids Who Get Their Tonsils Out by Addie Beth

1. The people put a circle thing around your head like a mask to help you sleep.

2. It helps you feel better if you just sort of not actually do anything exciting like singing or dancing or something like that or moving around a lot. If you’re out for most of the day, then you should just rest.

3. Basically, for drinking, I would say that you need to never stop drinking. And here’s the way I like to drink: I use one of those syringe things and it gets it out faster so I don’t have to swallow as much.

4. Here’s another tip: your throat might hurt a bit, but after a few days you’ll start to feel like writing and talking and stuff again.

5. When you eat stuff like pancakes, you don’t chew as much, you just chew a bit and swallow.

6. When I got my tonsils out the things I most wanted to eat were Mr. Freezes and MacNCheese also.

7. Your throat is gonna hurt a little bit but the doctors and your parents will give you medicine to help with it.

8. The doctors will call your parents after a few days to check on you and will ask to make sure you’re doing ok.

9. At first, it might be a little hard to sleep after the day because you’re like, “Why can’t I do anything exciting?” but that’s because you need rest and the day's the most good time to rest.

10. The most helpful thing to know is that the thing they put on you to make you fall asleep might kind of smell and you might think, “This feels weird. What’s happening to me?” But after you’re asleep they will open your mouth for you.

These are a few tips for when you get your tonsils out. Oh! And there is one more thing you will really want to know: for me, they did an iv but that was just a small thing and it wasn’t too bad. It just feels like a little pinch.


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