Thursday, December 6, 2007

In Love at Christmas

After a very busy weekend, my husband blessed me with a special Christmastime date-day! Yesterday morning, we awoke to a world covered in a beautiful "blanket of white." Soon, we turned on the Bing Crosby and headed out into the snowy morning to see our friend, John, in "A Christmas Carol." The theater (Drury Lane) was all decked out for the holidays and filled with chattering children who were bursting to be on a field trip. The show was outstanding and especially fun because the kids were gasping and laughing out loud throughout (much unlike an occasional clap when adults are the only audience!). It was such a joy to just sit in a beautiful theater, soaking in the performance while holding my hubby's hand. What a blessing!

Later in the evening after Tali went to sleep, Josh & I sat down by the Christmas tree and popped in "It's A Wonderful Life"(one of our favorites). Last year we started a tradition of watching this movie to celebrate the first real snow that comes.

Now, neither of these productions are "Christian" per-say, but we enjoyed them and can definitely take important lessons out of each story, especially as we apply it to the true purpose of Christmas. The real thing to celebrate is not the snow or people being nice to each other or generosity overflowing, it's the miracle of the Son of God coming down to become a baby and growing up to die, saving us from our sins. That is a real reason to celebrate!

Thank you, Josh, for blessing me with such a fun Christmas date! It definitely is a highlight for me and I will always treasure the time that we had together, just being in love!

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3 Responses to “In Love at Christmas”

  1. so sweet! isn't God so good to purchase such joys for us to experience?

  2. what a precious blessing! i just smiled reading through all of it!