Sunday, December 30, 2007

God Wants Me to Do Hard Things

I know that this is a little long, but it was really helpful to me so I'm passing it along. Below is an excerpt from Alex & Brett Harris over at the Rebellution.

"All of God’s commands in Scripture are hard. Of course, our tendency is to just say that God’s commands aren’t “easy” or that it’s only by His grace that we can obey any of them — and both of those statements are 100 percent true — but why can’t we ever come out and say that God’s commands are hard?

Everything God commands is hard. Repenting is hard. Forgiving is hard. Turning the other cheek is hard. Overcoming sin in our lives is hard. Honoring our parents is hard. Sharing the gospel is hard. Reading our Bibles is hard. We could go on.

In James 1:2, we’re told to consider it “pure joy” when we’re faced with challenges, trials, and obstacles, because they test our faith and makes us stronger. Think about that. The God who created you and loves you cares about your growth — and the way He has designed you to grow is through challenges.

In order to do hard things we need to get over the idea that God’s love means He wants us to go through life with as little effort or discomfort as possible. This is similar to the mistaken notion that we don’t need to change because God loves us just the way we are. God does love us just the way we are, but He also loves us too much to leave us the way we are. He wants us to grow.

Of course, none of this is to say that God wants us to live joyless and pain-filled lives, but it’s a joy that’s rooted in more than our temporary circumstances, and at times pain is necessary in order to gain something of greater value."

So when Owen is screaming in pain from his tummy hurting and I can't get him to stop or when he's still awake an hour and a half after his feeding and it's 3am and I'm exhausted, or when Tali is saying "Up, up, up, MaMa" but I can't lift her because I'm feeding the little guy, I can take heart. God calls me to do hard things. They aren't a mistake and they aren't something to run from. Hard things are good because they make me grow. They force me to see my need for a Savior instead of thinking I'm ok on my own. Hard things show me that I've got a lot more learning to do in this being molded into the image of His Son. Following Christ involves a lot of doing hard things.

Lord, thank you for the hard things today. Help me to praise You in them and look for what You want me to learn from them today.

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3 Responses to “God Wants Me to Do Hard Things”

  1. Thanks for sharing this powerful truth Katie! It is so easy to seek comfort... it becomes our god. But thinking back on my walk with the Lord, it is in the trials that I grew by leaps and bounds and He became my ever present help.

    May the Lord bring you peace in this season of "two" babies. May He keep you focused on the Cross and your need for Him. And may you find joy in it all!!!!

  2. Isn't that so opposite from the world's definition of peace and prosperity?
    To them, the sign of prosperity is the ease of life. To a Christian, the sign of prosperity is the growth that comes through tribulation and trial.
    And the most amazing thing is that because we have been raised from the dead and we have been given a new heart, we actually ENJOY being told that we are incapable and needy! Good reminders! Thanks!

  3. For the record: I think what you're doing is verifiably hard! But it is joy to watch you glorify God through your faith-filled responses to these "hard" things.

    :: Josh