Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Some Prayer Requests

As a dear friend reminded me today, God loves to answer our prayers and gets much glory as we thank Him for His answers. So...I wanted to pass along a couple of requests that you might share in rejoicing with me at however the Lord chooses to answer.

1) For little James, the baby of my friends, who has been struggling to live from the day he was born eight months ago. Pray especially that the Lord would help him to eat and that God would give sustaining grace to his parents as they care for him.

2) For Tali's health. After just ending her meds from the sinus infection she had, she now has something else. I think it's a stomach thing because she won't really eat or drink, is having some nasty diapers & gas, and is crying a ton. It's very sad to see her feeling so yucky.

3) That our baby boy would come before my scheduled induction next Wednesday. And if not, that the Lord would give me joy in trusting His sovereign good plan.

Thank you so much! May the Lord be glorified as we bring these requests before Him. I look forward to sharing how He has answered.

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3 Responses to “Some Prayer Requests”

  1. I will be praying for those requests!

  2. prayer is a wonderful means of grace, is it not?
    Will be standing with you in these petitions.

  3. we are glad to pray for you, tali, and little james.

    oh- and i just read in mark this morning when jesus tells the little girl to arise! i immediately thought of and prayed for little tali and you guys. this post helps us know just what to pray!