Thursday, May 8, 2008

Little Chatterbox

I love reading "Maddie-isms" on my friend, Christy's blog. And are some Tali-isms for your reading pleasure. Keep in mind that everything is said very emphatically and with much drama.

"Tah-YEE" (Tali)

"Cov-uh-up" (cover up)

"Pee-YEEE!" (Pe-ewe)

"Mo mo" (one more)

"Oh no, Tah! Mass, Tah!! Mass!!!" (Oh no, Tali! Mess, Tali! Mess!)

"All none. All none." (All done)

"Oh, MAMA!!! ANS! ANS! Oh, no, MAMA! ANS! Wise. Teen-em-up, teen-em-up."
(Oh, Mama! Ants! Ants! Oh, no, MAMA! Ants! Wipes. Clean them up, clean them up.)

Here is my favorite conversation of the day. She was talking to her babies today when she took them into her tent for the first time:

"Oh, baby. Tent. Tent. Yook, babies. Tent. Cuv-uh-up. Wear-eese tent? Boo, tent!"

She is such a funny little thing. I love hearing her talk.

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2 Responses to “Little Chatterbox”

  1. What a silly girl! You should make an audio recording of some of her chatter!

  2. I LOVE IT~ you are not going to regret writing these thing down. You should get a voice recorder and record her saying things. I have been meaning to do that, too.