Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Thank-based Life, Part 2

Well, it happened again. Yesterday I had a raging headache, Owen was having one of his worst reflux days in a long while and the temptation to complain was looming large. I've got to keep renewing my mind here with the truth as I am all too quick to grumble. So, how can I live with a thankful heart?

The second characteristic Tripp gives for the thank-based lifestyle is that it allows us to "look at life from the vantage point of God's power." I love this because it's in direct contradiction to what I usually do-look at things through the lens of my puny little supposed power. How big is God?

"'Who measured the waters in the hollow of his hand?' (Is.40:12). Imagine that. Pour water in your hand and see how much you can hold. God can take all the water in the universe, hold it in the hollow of His hand, and it won't spill. God is the only one who has never had a counselor and never had a teacher, whereas I only say things I've learned from somebody else." (pg.50)

When I'm looking at life from the vantage point of God's power, suddenly things aren't so overwhelming. It's not just that I'm not alone; I have the all-powerful God guiding my steps. And it's pretty clear from scripture that nothing, absolutely nothing, is too hard for Him. Complaining seems a bit ridiculous when I've got this mighty God on my side.

I'm seeking to apply this when the thoughts, "This is just too hard" come into my mind. I'm trying to turn my thoughts to what's true about God instead. He is all powerful! Nothing is too hard for Him! He has given me His Spirit and that means that His power is in me! Looking at my day from the vantage point of God's awesome power at work in me? What a wonderful weapon in the battle against grumbling.

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2 Responses to “The Thank-based Life, Part 2”

  1. Amen! It is sooo easy to grumble, isn't it! How thankful I am that His power is made perfect in weakness...because when it comes to this I am often weak.

    Praying for you... that your headache would heal... that Owens reflux would heal... and you can find your strength in the Lord.

  2. i love that quote about the water in His hand!