Saturday, May 24, 2008

Trusting God

Tali & her friend, Caleb

It's not too hard to trust God when things are going well. But when the circumstances around me are a bit shaky, I can quickly default to trusting in myself and my very limited understanding rather than seeking to trust God. As I reflect back on this week, it is all too clear to me that I have grieved the Lord by my failure to trust the only trustworthy One. God has once again been faithful to me, bringing about good in all circumstances even when I haven't recognized it at the time.

This week, Tali has been sick, the worst of which was when her temp hit 106.9 and we took her to the Emergency Room. Most of the week I have felt sick to my stomach with worry, been sharp with Josh, slow to pray, and quick to rack my brain for what I could possibly do to help Tali feel better. All the while, God has been with me, waiting to give me peace and rest but I didn't seek it from Him.

Here are some ways that He was working all things for good:

* Our dear friends, Ben & Angie were here w/their son, Caleb. While we were hoping that we might be able to serve them & that the time would be spent fellowshipping, instead they served us. What a kindness from God! Angie selflessly served me by helping with Owen, cooking, cleaning, and I'm sure many other ways as well. (And all of that after on top of traveling for weeks and being pregnant!) I was able to care for Tali in a way that I otherwise would not have been able to without Angie's help. On a week where my mom was out of town, the Lord knew that I would need reinforcements and He faithfully provided. (Angie, I'm so grateful for your care!)

* Tali's sickness happened early in the week and not this weekend when Josh & I would have been out of town. Had it have happened on Saturday, Tali would have been at my parents and we would have been miles away.

* The Lord answered our prayers and that of our friends on Wednesday night (thank you Johnsons, Gary&Jamie, Kruegars, & Trainors!) and by the time we got to the ER, Tali's temp was down to 100. She did have to get some uncomfortable tests, but since the temp was down no spinal tap was necessary (this was a huge answer to prayer).

* Tali kept drinking the entire time that she was sick and never got dehydrated.

Those are just a few of the ways that I can see God working good out of this situation. Though I failed to thank and trust Him during it all, I am seeking to repent and thank Him now. He is worthy of all our trust and praise!

Side Note: Please pray for Sovereign Grace Church as many of us will be at New Attitude from Sat-Tues. Owen & I are heading down tomorrow morning if Tali seems to be recovered fully. I'd love prayers for a safe and uneventful ride there with my baby boy.

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6 Responses to “Trusting God”

  1. AnonymousMay 24, 2008

    I will keep you in my prayers this week, Miss Katie, (and for Tali too). I'm glad you are able to trust God with all this
    Karen Bonenberger

  2. Miss Katie, check out my new blog!

  3. Katie - I had a similar week to yours, and i'm so encouraged by your post. I had a very hard time trusting the Lord during this week in my sickness and other hard circumstances that came about. Thank you for being an example and for being so humble. I pray that you are encouraged by all that happened, and that Tali recovers quickly!

  4. Sorry to hear how sick Tali was! But encouraged by your faith to see the blessing in it all!

    Praying all of you are doing sooo much better and enjoyed your retreat!

  5. Yeah for Providence! I love looking back on all the things that God has worked out like that! We are so much like dumb sheep who fail to remeber His goodness past. But - as you know - grace is greater than all our sin!
    Love you and have fun walking down memory lane!

  6. So glad to know about little Tali and God's care for her Katie. Hope you guys had fun at NA. I was remembering seeing you there last year with Tali!!!