Wednesday, January 9, 2008

My Beautiful Girl

Josh and I cannot get over how cute Tali is these days. She has a head full of curls and the things she says and does are just hilarious. We are constantly shaking our heads in disbelief at how just plain adorable she is! Here are just a few of the sweet things she's been doing lately:

*This morning when I went in to get her up, I walked into her room and she quickly stood up in her crib with a huge smile on her face and exclaimed, "Hi!"

*All day long, any time that she walks by Owen she nonchalantly waves at him and says, "Hi." Occasionally, she will stop long enough to shake ("rock") his bouncy seat or to give him a quick kiss on the the tummy.

*When we correct her for doing a "no-no," the first thing she says with tears in her eyes is "Baby! Baby!" (Her baby doll is a source of great comfort for her. Her baby never tells her "no.")

*She likes to walk backwards and say, "Beep, beep" like a truck backing up.

*She likes to lay on the floor and say, "N-eye, N-eye" (Night, Night) and pretend to sleep.

*Her primary form of entertainment is her myriad of dolls. She calls each of them, "baby" and she carries them around the house, gives them bites of her food, kisses them, plays peek-a-boo with them, reads books to them, rocks them in the car seat, and covers them with blankets.

I'm sure that my explanation doesn't even remotely capture how cute she is. Hopefully, we'll get our new video camera up and running soon so I can stick a video on here to better demonstrate the cuteness in action. :) But you've got to admit, that pink pea coat is pretty adorable on her.

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5 Responses to “My Beautiful Girl”

  1. She is so CUTE!!! and you are great at photography!

    Praying that your days are getting a bit easier:)

  2. You're right, the pea coat is adorable on Tali. She is so cute, and I love reading all the new things she is doing. Zach has missed playing with her.

  3. i love the truck one - hilarious!
    She does much of the same things as AVa...too funny! Isn't it fun???