Thursday, January 17, 2008

Updated Prayer Requests

Please do continue to pray. Here's the update:

Grandma: Is going to need a quadruple bypass as all four valves are blocked. Please pray for a safe procedure and quick recovery.

Dad: Probably has a bleeding ulcer but they aren't sure where. He will have a colonoscopy at some point today. Please pray that they can figure out what's going on.

Mom: Has had some palpitations (she has AFIB so this happens at times) so please pray that they quickly cease.

Thank you for your prayers!

9:30pm Update

What a blessing it is to know that people are praying! We feel the peace of the Lord and know that He is sovereignly working good in this situation. Here's the latest:

* At 10:00am tomorrow (Friday) my grandma is having her quadruple bypass. Please pray for her. She is a believer (as is my grandpa) and they are greatly encouraged by all of your prayers.

* At 8:00am tomorrow my dad will have a colonoscopy to hopefully determine where the bleeding that he's experiencing is coming from. Last time he had a colonoscopy, his heart had some trouble so please pray that God protects his heart. If the results don't show what's going on, they will have to go down his throat with a tube to do some other searching. Please pray that that is not needed. Please pray that the Lord would use this for good in my dad's life to show him the glory of the Gospel.

* My mom is feeling better. She'll be driving to Davenport late tomorrow afternoon. Josh & I are taking the kids there tomorrow morning to be with my dad. Please pray for safe travel and grace for our children & us.

Thank you so much for petitioning the Lord for us! We are strengthened in knowing that our God is the ultimate physician who created my grandma and my dad. He is perfectly in control and will not slumber or sleep.

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4 Responses to “Updated Prayer Requests”

  1. Katie, please let your mom know we are praying, and I don't have her cell # for some freak reason I have your dads? Odd I know. Tell her to call anytime if she needs to. Thanks! Hang in there I know your soft sweet voice brings much peace to her in these difficult times.


  2. Katie,
    Kristal and I will be praying. Keep us updated.


  3. katie,
    as always...i am praying for your dad, and now your grandma as well. please drive safely, the roads are terrible.
    may He guide and protect all traveling this weekend.
    keep us updated.
    let me know, if you need me to come and help, okay?

    love you,

  4. i'll have my mobile phone on all weekend. call whenever, i have monday off too if josh and you need help with the kids. really, don't hesitate.