Thursday, January 17, 2008

New Prayer Request

Well, my family is not at the peak of health at the moment. Prayers are much appreciated. My grandma is having a heart attack and is currently going in for an angioplasty. My dad was on his way to go be with my mom who is caring for my grandma and he had to check himself into the emergency room in Davenport. They are running tests on him but think that he has a bleeding ulcer. Please do pray:

1) That the doctors would discern what is wrong with my grandma's heart and be able to help her.

2) That the doctors would discern what is going on with my dad's health and be able to help him.

3) For peace for my mom as she is in Des Moines waiting to hear about my grandma while my dad is in the hospital in Davenport.

Thank you for your prayers. I will update as I get word.

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One Response to “New Prayer Request”

  1. Oh, dear! I am definitely praying for your family.