Thursday, July 24, 2008

Being a Mom on Sundays: Anticipating His Work

As one dear woman put it, "Church is a glorious opportunity to meet God, even in the midst of goldfish and raisins!"

It's not every week that I think that way. Often on Sundays, I see my sinful tendency to complain. I can whine to the Lord, "God, all I got to sing was one verse of a song before Owen started crying!" Or, "When is the last time I actually got to listen to an entire sermon at church?" On any given Sunday, I may be found complaining to the Lord rather than looking for the ways that God is at work, meeting me.

God wants to meet us as we arrive on Sunday mornings. Am I looking for Him to meet me or am I too busy complaining to see how He's at work?

What a humbling thing to think that each Sunday as I arrive at church, the Living God wants to meet with me! He desires that my faith be strengthened each Sunday and that my love for Him grow deeper. So even if I only get to sing one song, I can praise Him for His kindness in allowing me to sing it! What kindness! What mercy! He is giving me the opportunity to sing one song! If I get to hear a bit of a sermon, I can thank Him for that blessing. Even a little bit of truth is still truth that I need to hear! If I only get the opportunity to catch up with one person, I can thank God for the way He made that possible. How kind of God to provide me with friends to talk to! What a difference it makes when I'm looking for God to meet me rather than complaining about how I feel I'm "missing out."

I want to go to church this Sunday anticipating His work and thanking Him for it.

p.s.-Thanks to Betsy for her teaching on this!

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